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Father Adrian van Kaam stands among the great spiritual writers of the twentieth century. Born in the Netherlands, he entered religious life with the Holy Ghost Fathers in 1940. During World War II he found himself trapped behind Nazi lines. He endured great suffering and risked his life to help Jews in hiding. These experiences shaped his mind and heart. He made it his mission to help ordinary people apply the truths of the Gospel to the circumstances of everyday life.

Eventually, he established a new, interdisciplinary field of study, which he called “formative spirituality.”

His doctrine was proven by the witness of his final days. In this book, Dr. Susan Muto, Father van Kaam’s disciple and heir, reveals his last teachings, expressed during the closing days of his life, and explains their significance for every Christian life.

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“As a guide to general spiritual health and reading, this little guide is superlative and is warmly recommended to all fellow pilgrims who appreciate the company of wise leaders.”

– Daniel Boice
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