Memorable Graces


Blessed Solanus Casey lived alife without the spectacle that’s common in biographies of the saints —without the drama and gore we find in the stories of the martyrs. History remembers him for his hospitality, his listening ear, his simple counsel, his profound charity. He reached people, not large congregations, but ordinary people, one by one, one on one.

He accepted this role obediently when his religious order judged him unfit for preaching and hearing confessions. His superiors made him porter – the friar who answered the door and the telephone – and he served in that role with a degree of perfection that seems miraculous. His intercession for friends worked miracles during his lifetime and continues to do so today. This book gathers testimony from those who knew him, especialy during his decade in the small town of Huntington, Indiana.

In its pages you’ll find holiness, a path to God, that anyone can imitate in ordinary circumstances, anywhere.

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Richard Beemer is a veteran of Catholic media, having worked for decades as managing editor of Our Sunday Visitor and Angelus News. He is co-founder of The Open Door, a Catholic outreach project in Huntington, Indiana, that delivers food to homes every Sunday. Proceeds from this book benefit charities.